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Protects user privacy when accessing the Internet
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Secure your system and hide private data and online connection settings by masking your IP and shielding your access points from unwanted access when visiting internet sites or browsing the pages in a search engine. Multiple VPN server locations are available.

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Whoer is a VPN client available not only for OS X but also Windows and Linux. The application has a nicely designed interface, which anybody can use without much effort. When you start the application, it requires entering your personal access code, which you can get for free but with some limitations. Then, you can choose a server country and proceed to connect. That is about all!

It is impossible to judge this application without evaluating the VPN services behind it. Most people use VPN to secure their data, protect their anonymity and bypass georestrictions. In this regard, there are various things you expect from a VPN.

First and foremost, there is data protection. In this respect, Whoer claims that all your data will travel heavily encrypted, they do not specify what kind of encryption protocols they use, though. Second, privacy is an important issue to consider. Whoer has servers in 16 different countries, which is unfortunately less than those used by some similar services. Yet, it offers the possibility of establishing a double VPN, which means that all traffic is rerouted through two different servers, making your IP even more difficult to reveal. Last but quite important as well, all user want a VPN service that does not slow down their connection speed. Luckily, Whoer’s impact on speed is almost unnoticeable.

All in all, Whoer is a great solution if you want to hide your Internet activities and actual location from intruders, protect yourself from hackers, download torrents and make secure bank transactions. Likewise, it can prevent others, mostly your ISP, from tracking your online activities or block certain sites. Moreover, it allows you to access sites and services which are prohibited for your region. The service is available in three plans for different periods and prices. However, Whoer can be used at no cost for an unlimited period of time, but with one restriction: the only country available to connect through is the Netherlands.

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  • Uses encrypted data transfers
  • Offers double VPN service
  • Does not slow down your connection


  • The encryption type used is not revealed
  • Not as many servers as other similar services
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